hhThe most dangerous thing about sin is that it means a separation from God; being cut off from Him in ones heart, in ones love, in ones will and in ones activity. It is to be cut off from the community of the saints and from God Himself. It is to be separated from Him on earth and in heaven. In Malachi 3:7, God calls us saying, “Return to Me and I will return to you,” But, how can we return back to Him? In the book “Return to God,” the late Pope Shenouda teaches us what it truly means to return to God and how to overcome the obstacles we encounter on the way. This book is the compilation of ten lectures delivered by Pope Shenouda from 1973-1979 in Cairo. It provides us teaching on being reconciled with God through repentance and the practical steps to take in returning to God. It is divided into three major sections, “Sin as Separation from God,” “The Return to God,” and “Reconciliation with God.” Throughout these topics, Pope Shenouda takes the reader step by step, starting with sin and its consequences and ending with reconciliation and its fruits. God’s desire is to “Reconcile you to Him in order to restore you, to cleanse you, to purify you and to make you holy. His love for you is so great that He will not abandon you.” We need only to return to Him.